Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here I AM!!

It's been a busy month and half....not a whole lot of exercise transformation going on. BUT, it is still on my mind and I DO have a goal that I am determined to achieve. The thing is, I have a whole gaggle of goals that I have been striving to achieve. First, I want to establish myself as a full-time, salarly-based, Monday-Friday school counselor. Second, I want to stop working in jobs that I am overqualified for. WHERE is the thrill or challenge in that? Third, I want to hand-knit 90% of my Christmas gifts this year.
So, there you have it folks, the goals that have usurped my ultimate goal of losing weight and running a 5 or 10k. But, on the upshot, I have made progress. I am extremely proud to announce that I have quit my job for which I am grossly over-qualified!!!! No more slewing coffee for people that have WAY more money than brains!! As of December 28th I am freed from the shackles of the coffee industry and this time for GOOD!!! Three rounds is quite enough for me...THANK YOU very MUCH!! As for a permanent position...still working toward that. But I am substitute teaching which is in fact providing me with a great number of challenges!! Yeah me!! I'm growing and learning how to manage kids!!! AND as for the Christmas gifts...well, in short, I shouldn't be typing if I expect to get ANY of them done in with that..I shall go. But I will post pictures once these gifts are finished!!!