Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy,busy, busy!!!

Well, I have been extremely busy since I last posted!! I quit Starbucks and have decided to substitute teach as much as humanly possible in addition to my one day a week counseling job!! I actually really do like it!!
I also have been working on getting down the weight and have been exercising at least three times a week since New Year's AND I am watching what I eat and trying to do it without going back to WW's. I do like the program...and have a feeling I will be back but right now I'm working on getting my life in order enough to have a bit of a routine and the way I'm working through it now is getting me to that point...hopefully!! But really only time will truly tell!!!
I also have been knitting up a storm and here are some pictures of my finished Christmas gifts...some were finished slightly after the Holiday....but here they are in all of their fully finished glory!!


Stephapalooza said...

Your picture at the top of this entry cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

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