Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ugh....Twentysomething SUCKS

Okay, I did take pictures of my day one...and the WILL be posted soon!! I just need to actually download them into the computer...so maybe tomorrow.
Since I know people do actually read this...probably more in passing than anything, I'm going to take a minute and feel sorry for myself on this blog. Not about the weight loss/exercise thing...I'm excited about that! The thing that gets me is how everything tends to build on itself.
For example, I know that with my exercise routine/weight loss I'm going to feel physically better and then I will start looking better and then, as a result I will start feeling more confident about myself and better overall about who I am as a person, and as a result I will be able to relay that to potential employers that will actually pay me to work fully within the career that I have been trained for and I will be making actual money, (not$ 10.00hr) and then I will actually be able to pay off my credit cards and not go in the hole every time I try to pay my bills and.....Yes, that DID feel good to get off my chest.
The more I live the more I truly realize that life is really something that needs to be constantly put into perspective. That helps me to enhance my outlook on life.... now to find a REAL job to start this ball rolling!!

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