Monday, October 22, 2007

It begins TODAY...

Okay, I have decided that enough is enough! I'm tired of being so tired all the time and I really DO like form-fitting clothes which, in all honesty don't look great when you have a belly and back flab. But more than cosmetically, I really enjoyed the way I felt about myself after dropping 25lbs over a year ago. 15lbs. later I want that confidence back. AND I am going to get it!!! After my September physical, (weighed in at 207lbs.) my doctor informed me that by my next physical she would really like to see me 55 to 60lbs lighter. I haven't weighed that since EARLY high school! So, I struck a deal with my father that if I lose 45lbs by next September, he will finance a weekend retreat to Bayfield, WI. His concern is the genes he and my mother have passed on to my sister, brother and I, and as a result he is gung-ho about weight-loss and will invest in a plan at every angle.
All that said, I have set a goal for myself and anyone who reads this can join in the fun! I will be able to AND run a 5k by June 2008. My sights are set on Grandma's Marathon 5k....not the marathon..not this year at least.
I will be weighing in every Monday and blogging my progress. Here are the vital stats:
Height: 5'5" Weight: 203lbs

I will add a before picture later today...and post a progress picture of myself monthly.
And....I'm OFF!!!!

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